Akashic Readings Practice

And so at the start of this month, I studied Akashing Reading Level 1.

Though I’ve been successful in some readings, I’ve had experience when I have been blocked by the person I am reading and therefore resulting in a very challenging reading. It’s been a while since I read thru my cards (I have 4 decks). And I still remember how a self-read helped me from a lot of heartache. I can be very stubborn with what I want and I can resist my own readings but I was brought to a time when these were warning me and I paid serious heed. So glad that I did. 

Through the years, I’ve learned to detect if the energy is flippant or otherwise. I’ve been lucky so far, I can say that.

And so I’ve taken a step up… Akashic Reading….I just needed some inspiration for some creative work and I was advised that learning Akashic Reading would help in that area and since I’ve been having a blast with my experience in the Records, I want to practice some more.

7445153 This class isn’t cheap and so it took a few months to wrap my thoughts around it.  And when I did sign up, things just aligned and fell into place. I had fun with 8 other ladies (including the teacher), and so I called this class the Goddess Class. LOL

There are so many things I can share about my experience for that class but I will put that off for another day. Because this post is about my call to friends and family for some practice time. All classmates are tasked to practice Akashic Reading for 30 days FOR FREE. After which, we cannot offer it anymore and we will have to be approached if someone needs enlightenment through the Akashic Records.

So I’m pretty sure, at this point, there are questions.

1. What are the Akashic Records?
Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word, akasha, which means ‘primordial substance.’ The Akashic Records bring our past and future into the now. By accessing it, we can identify and release anything that we have created that has become a block to our present realization of our Oneness with God. While other forms of reading are considered a psychic activity, an Akashic Reading only focuses on shifting your emotions and mind to resolving the issues you bring forth into the reading. As much as mundane concerns can be brought into the fray,  how the questions are asked allows you to hone into a soulful connection into these issues.

2. Do I have to pay you?
Until September 30, NO. 🙂

3. How many questions can I ask?
I would advise 1 question first in each of the following topics and then you can expand the questions for clarity during the reading.

  • Spiritual Path
  • Interaction with Family and Friends
  • Behaviour Repatterning (to get the root of your recurring issues)

4. How long will a reading last?
Usually 15 to 20 minutes is enough but we can extend to 30 minutes. An hour might be too draining for me for now.

5. What’s the best way to ask a question?
Lilyandbeyond.org has a downloadable online guide in asking the right questions. Basically, avoid rhetorical questions. It must be open-ended questions.

6. Can you read about my loved ones?  I can only read through you for children below 18. I find this useful for children with disabilities and with verbal issues.

7. How many readings can you do? As many as I can during the practice period.

8. Can you read for my friends too? 
Yes, of course. I can read for a group. It comes out more efficient in terms of travel and time management. So yeah.

9. So how do we schedule a reading?
Call me or PM me on Facebook.

10. Can using Skype,  Vsee or FaceTime work?
Of course. I find that even more efficient. You can add me as a contact. My Skype ID is cristina.estampador.

11. Anything I need?
A pen and paper for you to journal the reading because I can’t remember the messages as soon as the Records are closed. These notes are for you and not for me. My job is not to understand the messages. That’s your job. I’m just the channel. A great chunk of the time I cannot make heads or tails out of the reading but I deliver it just the same yet the interesting thing is that it makes sense to the person being read.


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