Proud to be a hippie

I also have this thing about make up.

I don’t buy a lot of them and when I do it’s still not much. Just your usually base and lipstick. You can never see me overdoing. A make-up artist told me that I needed to put some more. But once you start to put a little bit more, you’re going to have to add more in another part of your face to make more “balanced.”

Let’s not forget that you have to do your touch-ups. Instead of being free for the rest of the day, you find yourself a slave to your make-up. And hen there are the blemishes and pimples that comes along with it. So you have to buy more stuff to get rid of those. And then you do it all over again. In fact, you would be doing it everyday, eating as much as two to three hours dedicated to doing your outer work. It feels like being dependent on something else for other people’s ‘image’ of you. It sounds like dependency issues.

What do you do it for anyway? What are you giving up your authenticity and freedom for? Is it because everybody else does it? Or is it because something else outside of you makes you feel better about yourself? Your make up may make you look prettier but it doesn’t make you amazing. Amazing women don’t hide. They are confident, giving and not afraid of living.

Whenever I come across woman who is dolled up, especially the heavy dolled up ones, I feel this wall surrounding them. And then there’s this authenticity and freedom that feels diminished. It unnerves me when I’m dealing with them not because they are not giving their true selves to me. I don’t feel comfortable to give my amazing self as well.

Whenever I’m doing training, I focus on motivation 75% of the time. There was one girl who was heavily made up. She liked it when she was told she was pretty but she was uncomfortable when she was told she’s amazing. How funny is that?

Make-up has done a lot of great things for women but if you’re going to wear make-up, don’t do it so you can hide. Don’t be afraid to show people the best of you and it usually starts with the happiness and peace inside your heart.


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