Relishing My Lily Journey

Me: Hi, Kim! I wrote this on my personal blog after my activation last year. Not complete, of course.

“How do you explain, let alone comprehend, something such as this? The experience is yours and yours alone. There is no physical evidence of it ever occurring yet it holds the energy of truth and wisdom so thick and so strong that your doubts bear very little meaning. I felt alone yet connected to everything and everyone I sought. I felt like a Higher Being capable of all that can be because I felt the strength and support of the entire Universe. I felt weightless yet I felt my substance. I had no feeling of my physical body but I felt the fullness of my presence, including that of him and my children. This is perhaps what omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotent feels like.”

Wala lang… Just feeling appreciative of my soul journey. Thanks for being part of it.

Kim: Thank you so much for sharing! Your share makes me feel accomplished because the seed planted in you was not wasted.

Than you so much! I like your testimonial because it gives voice and language to what many Lilies cannot yet articulate. You have made the state of “deified beingness” more tangible in ways I couldn’t. Thank you!

Me: I think a tear just fell…. I’m such a sap but I love my journey as a Lily.

Kim: I know how you feel. I am the same way. Ever since God made me a Lily I have been whispering adoringly in his ear adoringly, “Thank you for this sweetness.” There hasn’t been a day when I did not thank him for the sweet smell of the Lily.


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