Now an Oracle Reader

How do I explain this?

I thought one of my teachers was making a joke that I was going to be activated to do Oracle Reading two Fridays ago. So after doing Akashic Reading all afternoon in Tokyo last Saturday. He told me to get ready because the activation was going to happen immediately. I couldn’t say ‘no’ as this was a very special dispensation. And so in 20 minutes, I became an Oracle reader. I haven’t even finished my 30 day window for Akashic reading yet. I still had more than a week to go.

Nobody learns how to do an oracle reading, there’s a special permission that needs to be given from the Oracle of Delphi (Pythia). I’m still trying to wonder why it was given to me because I have friends who are far more sensitive and I’m usually the last one to get spiritual activations amongst my friends. But I couldn’t deny it when I felt the presence of the Oracle. It felt like an intense electric embrace around me.

So what’s the difference between Akashic and Oracle? To be honest, I’m still learning about that. So far, it can be mundane issues with less karmic consequences for me (every time we read, we rack up karmic debt. I’ve been lucky so far but there’s still that possibility). So it’s a more secure reading for me and for the person I am reading.

I can also feel the energy more. Akashic is subtle.

I also find it easier to understand for some reason. Akashic reading can be pretty deep that sometimes, my mind gets in the way just so I can understand it..

Unfortunately, there is no ‘free reading’ period for Oracle reading. It’s straight up Php500 for 15 minutes. Total cost would depend on how fast (or slow) the ‘client’ can pick up the reader’s visions.

I also noticed that I just can’t read as liberally because I have to follow the protocols of the High Priestess of the Oracle. And since I can’t see the protocols, I will have to learn it in a challenging way. …Hopefully, not too challenging.

Hmmm…what do I get out of it?…..